Private investigation is an invaluable resource to anyone looking for more information. Professional private investigators can use a series of technologies to uncover the truth and find evidence to back your case. At Primeau Forensics, our digital forensic investigation services can help you find the answers you’re looking for.

Primeau Forensics’ team of private investigators, forensic experts, and technicians assist our private investigation services with a thorough approach backed by forensic analysis. Edward Primeau has lived in Michigan his entire life, so he is very familiar with different court systems and locations in the area. Not to mention, he is an expert witness and has extensive experience testifying in court. 

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Primeau Forensics offers pro bono consultations to prospective clients prior to an investigation. These consultations provide an opportunity to discuss objectives of the investigation and answer any questions. Digital media forensic analysis coupled with a licensed expert give our clients a value-added benefit when retaining our team for private investigations.

Primeau Forensics begins every private investigation with the assembly of a dossier. A dossier is a file that contains detailed records about the subject of an investigation. This file grows as an investigation progresses and further details come to light. As a result, our clients have a wealth of information about the requested subject during litigation. We assist our client attorneys in preparation for trial as well as other investigative activities around the legal system. We also interview key witnesses in an effort to answer questions regarding their role in an investigation.

Your need for a private investigator can stem from a civil dispute with someone you know or a criminal offense against the state. Edward Primeau has experience working with both types of cases. 

Civil investigations may include divorce and child custody cases, property disputes and various small claims. Law enforcement doesn’t deal with civil issues, so if you need investigative research, it’s critical to contact a digital forensics private investigator as soon as possible. That way, the private investigator can gather the evidence before it’s lost.

Criminal cases involve offenses, such as fraud, embezzlement and assault. Law enforcement works on these cases to gather evidence. When you contact us for our digital forensic investigation services, we’ll work closely with the other detectives involved to ensure we find all the necessary material for the case. In these scenarios, it’s vital to handle and preserve evidence correctly.

Before a criminal or civil trial occurs, an attorney may hire a private investigation company to gather last-minute evidence or confirm that they have all the existing evidence. Hiring a private investigator can ensure you have a complete picture of the case and a strong argument for your client.

When you hire Primeau Forensics as your digital private investigator, we will take photos, manage surveillance and perform background checks. We’ll gather all the evidence you need to complete your understanding of a case and support your statements in court.

Digital evidence, such as video and audio, can be powerful but is innately fragile. If this type of evidence isn’t handled or stored correctly, someone could modify or destroy it. Regardless of whether a person causes damage by accident or with malicious intent, this modification will destroy the evidence’s authenticity. In litigation terms, modified evidence is no longer a credible source.

We specialize in both the acquisition and preservation of digital evidence to ensure you have reliable material that cannot be tampered with.

Technical surveillance combines physical observation and electronic equipment for a more productive, cost-efficient monitoring process. Primeau Forensics’ technical surveillance procedures incorporate active audio monitoring, video recording, and photography coupled with physical observation for optimal thoroughness. Our experience with audio, video and image forensics is an added benefit for our clients and their investigations.

A comprehensive background check is an essential step in hiring the right employee and avoiding deception, misconduct, and misrepresentation in the workplace. Our background checks include, but are not limited to, reverse phone lookup and email search, criminal history, employment history, and a summary of assets, including property and motor vehicles. Our private investigators also analyze and collect details from the subject’s social media platforms.

When a person goes missing, you may feel like you don’t have the resources to find them independently. Working with us gives you access to our critical investigative skills and techniques. 

People can go missing for various reasons. With video surveillance, photography and in-depth research, Edward Primeau can follow a trail to a missing person. 

Unfortunately, infidelity is at epidemic proportions. This is a very sensitive issue and we advise our clients to take caution during infidelity investigations. Our team uses specialized photography, video equipment, and 24/7 GPS tracking to document unfaithful spouses in action.

Approximately 96% of Americans own a cell phone of some kind, 81% of which are smartphones. These devices bring an immeasurable amount of information directly to our fingertips, including images, videos, social media updates, location services and even pornographic materials. Users can also record audio and video directly to their device. Although smartphones are a powerful tool in our daily lives, they can be detrimental to infidelity investigations if the collected data is not analyzed with an objective mindset. Once the human mind has suspected a significant other may be cheating, our subjective senses take over and answer complicated questions based on a motivational bias rather than an objective investigative methodology.

The Primeau Forensics’ team knows how to handle infidelity situations from an unbiased, forensic perspective. Through the analysis of captured evidence and mobile devices, such as smartphones or computers, we can determine if infidelity has occurred. We also offer private investigation services to track the subject and determine if behaviors of infidelity are present and potentially catch them in the act.

Please note that we only accept infidelity investigations where a lawyer is involved in the case.

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Digital forensics and private investigation operate on similar concepts and technology. While private investigators gather information to use as evidence, forensic experts examine information for authenticity. When these two skills work together, you gain knowledge and evidence you can trust.

Primeau Forensics offers private investigation services within Rochester Hills, Oakland County, and the Detroit Metro Area. Our lead private investigator and forensic expert, Edward Primeau, has been practicing audio and video forensics for the last four decades. He is a licensed private investigator in Michigan, which requires an extensive qualification process.