Forensic Video Recovery

Digital video recordings are fragile by nature and require specialized knowledge, training, and equipment to recover with accuracy, and preserve digital integrity. Our CCTV DVR data recovery services can recover deleted CCTV footage through forensic video recovery best practices. 

Video evidence can be recorded in many unique formats on hard drives or SD cards. In some cases, we need to collect evidence from the device, which we can assist with. These recordings in many legal cases can be the most important evidence, thus protection of that evidence is key. 

Forensic Video Recovery
DVR fire recovery services from wireless surveillance.

Can your DVR's files be recovered?

 In some cases, even after it has been damaged or deleted. When a video is accidentally deleted or damaged on a hard drive, the binary code from the video must be repaired. Consequently, DVR hard drive recovery services will be, without a doubt, unsuccessful if too much time has elapsed.

Often, someone deletes DVR data from a recording space with harmful intent. However, this is only sometimes the case. Even if the DVR data could have been damaged by accident, these systems are complicated and require an in-depth explanation for clear understanding in court. For example, natural aging of the CCTV DVR hard drive, fire damage, or water damage.  


Forensic Methodology

Primarily, Primeau Forensics specializes in recovering digital evidence deleted or damaged using a forensically acceptable methodology. Above all, preservation of the device’s integrity is most important when beginning a recovery investigation. Consequently, it can be destroyed if the data is not handled with care. In fact, our experts have the necessary training and certification to handle the devices correctly so as to maintain and preserve the chain of custody. 

DVR Data Recovery Services

dvr recovery services

Log File Analysis

It should be noted, administrative, user, system, and network logs are typically stored on the DVR/NVR system that initially recorded the evidence. In fact, these files can be critical to evaluating motion detection, date/time, and user interaction.

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Repair Damaged/Corrupt NVR Files

New video formats are surfacing with various playback issues. For example, CCTV systems commonly record in a file format that houses the native language (DAV, G64, EXE). Importantly, this native language can contain native timing and other information necessary for forensic investigation. As a result, if correctly handled, video evidence can be protected and played correctly. In fact, our advanced recovery services can repair or reconstruct the video file to correct playback issues.

CCTV DVR Recovery

Lab Recovery

Our data recovery experts use the latest tools and technology to collect video evidence accurately. The DVR hard drive recovery scanning process will determine if data beyond reach is recoverable, as well as recover accessible data. In any case, readily accessible CCTV surveillance videos can be extracted and preserved for further evaluation and investigation.

cctv dvr data recovery

Site Inspection Recovery

Digital video recording systems can be complicated and extensive. For example, in cases where more complex NVR systems are used, the system cannot be transported. As a result, we can travel to the location and inspect the system to determine if the video is recoverable. In fact, a site inspection investigation may reveal other important details that can assist with a case.

Or comparatively, why wasn't the video recorded at the time of the incident?

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Platter Recovery

A storage device may be physically damaged and require physical repair. As a result, Primeau Forensics has partnered with Salvage Data Recovery to assist with DVR recovery services. Salvage Data specializes in advanced methodology for repairing damaged drives. Wit this in mind, these services are without a doubt incredibly valuable in cases of fire or severe damage.







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CCTV DVR Data Recovery Process

Our recovery tools can retrieve data from various DVR hard disks hard, including MDVR, CCTV DVR, and NVR. In addition, we have experience with multiple manufacturers, such as Hikvision, Samsung, Q-SEE®, NightOwl, Lorex, and many more.

1. Drive Evaluation

First, we start with an evaluation of the device's condition and storage to determine the success of the recovery.

2. Drive Extraction

Generally, the drive must be extracted and forensically cloned to protect its integrity. Additionally, we determine the size, accessibility, recovery needs, and, ultimately, the scope of the DVR hard drive recovery investigation.

3. Scanning

Next, we determine how much data is recoverable. We can access this data without administrative passwords using advanced data recovery software not readily available to the public.

4. Communicate Results

After, we set up a conference call to discuss the scope of data that is recoverable/non-recoverable.

5. Recover Data

Whenever video data is available, it is recovered to an external drive. DVR and original hard drives are sealed with evidence tape to preserve chain of custody.

6. Shipping

Finally, the hard drive and DVR are packaged securely and shipped back to the customer. We offer expedited delivery using FedEx and UPS parcel services.

Expert Witness Services for Court

Suppose the courtroom receives recovered video files.  In that case, the court may require expert witness testimony to authenticate the newly acquired evidence and the methodology used to recover it. For this reason, our certified CCTV DVR Recovery experts understand the importance of preserving quality and digital integrity. Moreover, our video experts have testified in Civil and Criminal proceedings involving DVR Video Recovery.