Can your DVR's recordings be recovered?

CCTV DVR data recovery services can recover video evidence after it has been damaged or deleted. When video is deleted or damaged on a hard drive, the binary code that makes up the video file must be reassembled or repaired. If too much time has elapsed, DVR hard drive recovery services will be unsuccessful, and video may be permanently unrecoverable.

Often, someone deletes DVR data from a recording space with harmful intent. However, this is not always the case. There is a possibility that the DVR data was damaged by accident. Such accidents include natural aging, fire or water damage. Below are two methods that we use to recover data.

Primeau Forensics specializes in the recovery of digital evidence that has been deleted or damaged due to fire damage, water damage, or hard disk failure. In addition, our experts can also repair MP4 video files using advanced data carving methods

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Forensic Methodology

Primarily, Primeau Forensics specializes in the recovery of digital evidence that has been deleted or damaged using forensically acceptable methodology. Preservation of the integrity of the device is most important when beginning a recovery investigation. If the data is not handled with care, it can be destroyed. In fact, our experts have the necessary training to handle the devices to preserve digital integrity. 

DVR Recovery Process

We can retrieve data from various hard drives, including MDVR, CCTV DVR, and NVR. In addition, we have experience with a range of manufacturers, such as Zmodo, Samsung, Q-SEE®, Swann, and Hikvision.

1. Drive Evaluation

First, when we begin an investigation, we start with an evaluation of the device's condition and storage to determine the success of the recovery.

2. Drive Extraction

Next, the drive must be extracted and forensically cloned to protect evidence integrity. Additionally, we determine the size, accessibility, recovery needs, and, ultimately, the scope of the recovery investigation.

3. Scanning

Next, we determine how much data is recoverable. We can access this data without administrative passwords using advanced data recovery software not readily available to the public.

4. Communicate Results

After, we set up a conference call to discuss the scope of data that is recoverable/non-recoverable.

5. Recover Data

Next, video data is recovered to an external hard drive. DVR and original hard drives are sealed with evidence tape to preserve chain of custody.

6. Shipping

Finally, hard drive and DVR are packaged securely and shipped back to the customer. We offer expedited delivery using FedEx and UPS parcel services.

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Lab Recovery

Our CCTV DVR data recovery experts use the latest tools and connective cabling to ensure your data is recovered accurately and quickly. The drive may be physically damaged to the point with which it needs to be disassembled by platter recovery company. The DVR hard drive recovery scanning process will help us find any recoverable fragments from the video data.

DVR Hard Drive Recovery

Location Recovery

Digital video recording and storage setups can be vast and delicate. As a result, this can make them difficult to transport. We use comprehensive training to provide on-site recovery services. These services are also incredibly valuable in cases of fire or severe damage. Furthermore, we offer on-site services so you can avoid shipping difficulties and retain the digital integrity and chain of custody of the system.

Expert Witness Services for Court


If recovered files are offered to the courtroom, expert witness testimony may be required to describe the methodology for admittance as evidence. Our video experts are certified in the recovery of digital video recordings and understand the importance of preservation of quality and digital integrity. Moreover, our video experts have testified in Civil and Criminal proceedings involving DVR Video Recovery.

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