The Value of Video Evidence

With the proliferation of surveillance video systems and an increase in video quality, often times the probative value of video evidence can be misunderstood. Due diligence becomes most important when a litigator can understand what the information represents between the layers of microchips. 

A common problem however for litigators then becomes, how do I acquire all the data and information my case needs to answer the questions when preparing for a litigation? 

A Video Forensic Expert’s role prior to a litigation, or even during, is to assist a litigator with specialized knowledge of these types of systems in order to collect video evidence quickly. Our team can collect as well as oversee collections of dozens of types of DVRs in order to ensure it is done correctly, and evidence is preserved. 


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Video Evidence Collection

Litigation Challenges

Camera quality has increased with 4k becoming the standard on most turnkey systems today. Thus, collection of a DVR system with a single flash drive has become a thing of the past. 

The average storage size of a DVR/NVR today is 1-6tb of data. In many systems, there are multiple drives that require collection and preservation. Collecting and analyzing this abundance of data can be overwhelming when prepping for a litigation or trial. 

Why collect an entire drive? All information stored on an evidence drive is important. In many cases we have worked, the smaller administrative log files are the most critical to make determinations from. 

Benefits of an Expert

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Michael Primeau, our lead video forensic analyst, has worked video collection cases as an expert as well as rebuttal expert for small and large firms all over the U.S.A. This experience has strengthened Primeau Forensics’ expert witness performance in the court room. We apply peer reviewed methodology in order to authenticate video evidence with accuracy. We have testified in local, state and federal courts all over the United States and have extensive experience helping legal teams develop a solid trial strategy. Click HERE to read what some of them have said.