Yes. Primeau Forensics utilizes various methods accepted in the scientific community for analyzing and authenticating digital and analog audio recordings. We have authenticated hundreds of digital and analog recordings over the last 30 years.

Yes. The process of authenticating video is slightly different than audio. For digital video, the meta data is viewed and analyzed.

Yes. Enhancing audio is like peeling an onion. Filters applied to the recording allow us to hear events as they occurred. But no alteration is done to the actual recording. Of course, courts tend to prefer the word ‘clarified’ over ‘enhanced’.

Usually. Enhancement capabilities depend on the aspect ratio or size of the video. However, our capabilities may not meet your expectations. We can only enhance a video to an extent before the picture becomes too pixilated to see clearly. For example, Hollywood often glorifies forensics and portrays unrealistic processes and procedures in television shows and movies. Many, if not most, of these dramatic effects are not obtainable in real life. 

Yes. We have worked on many appellate cases over the years. This includes cases in which audio or video forensics were not available or were not applied to evidence.

Yes. There are various methods of delivering your audio or video evidence to us for examination. Our main audio and video forensic expert, Ed Primeau, is qualified to work on cases on local, state and federal levels, in most of the 50 states, as well as several other countries.

Yes. In most cases, a quick turnaround is no problem, as long as the evidence is in your possession and you have an attorney available to discuss a forensic strategy.

Yes. Ed Primeau is a qualified expert witness. However, there are travel expenses involved. So if finances are an issue, he can also testify via phone or online video.

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