Video Redaction Challenges

There are several challenges when providing video redaction. The number of subjects, amount of movement, duration of movement and quality of the video. These factors determine how quickly a technician can provide CCTV redaction services, regardless of video length (1-100 hours).

 For example, a lower quality video cannot be redacted as easily with many subjects. This is true especially when subjects are far from the camera. Our automatic redaction or manual redaction services can assist your department with stressful requests. 

video redaction services
video redaction services

Our Solution

Redaction technicians provide CCTV redactions for law enforcement or civil cases with FOIA requests. Our redaction software and video tools combined with fast dual CPU systems can process any redaction request, quickly. Every recording is different, which means every redaction assignment is different. Our redaction process will determine which method is most effective.

Redacted Video Sample

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CCTV Redaction Services You Can Trust

The Primeau Forensics team works with your department to provide pricing unique to your request specific to your requirements. Click below for a free cost estimate.

CJIS Compliant


Primeau Forensics uses our experience and training in forensic analysis to provide a secure process for data protection. Our most popular clients include school districts, law enforcement and government agencies.

Video Redaction FAQs

  • What types of security protocols do you use?

    Our agency is equipped with CJIS compliant intake protocols, evidence handling and delivery through Microsoft Azure. Our network is reviewed every year by a cyber security company.

  • How do we transfer evidence files to you?

    We use a CJIS compliant file sharing service for direct upload or UPS shipping.

  • Are your redaction services provided from a central location?

    Yes, at our office in Rochester Hills, MI.

  • Are your employees backgrounded?

    Yes, by a licensed Private Investigator. 

  • What kind of redaction methodology do you apply?

    We use methodology from SWGDE, (The Scientific Working Group on Digital Evidence) and NIST (The National Institute of Science and Technology)

  • Do you provide audio redaction services?

    We use a sensor tone at 1kHz based on the requested timecodes.

  • How do you price your redaction services?

    We provide cost estimates based on the number of subjects/objects, amount of movement, duration of movement, video length and file format.

  • What is the cost for your redaction services?

    We accommodate all redaction assignments directly to the needs of the department. Large or small assignments, each redaction is assessed individually. Contract pricing is also available. 

  • Most of our redactions are done in house, why should we consider outsourcing to you?

    Our technicians use high performance workstations which allow for fast multiple mask tracking.

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Video Redaction Process

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Why Primeau Forensics?

Many agencies attempt to perform video redaction on their own.  The problem then becomes they do not have the training and tools necessary to redact large quantities of video data efficiently and effectively. Our team is equipped with the software to redact both simple and complex requests on time. 

Free Consultation

Discuss redaction requirements and lead time at no cost.

CJIS Compliant

Evidence intake and export procedures are complaint with CJIS requirements.

Large & Small Contracts

Our facilities can process single video redactions or hundreds of hours of redactions for FOIA.

Fast Turnaround

We process all redaction assignments by using multiple technicians across multiple high performance motion graphics computers.

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