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Video redaction

 If this video isn’t clarified by a qualified expert, information can be created and removed from the original evidence. Thus, the events can be missrepresented and inadmissible. 

With modern technology’s significance in everyday life, video often appears during litigation as evidence. This evidence is being considered more accurate than eyewitness testimony alone. 

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  • Sara Clark

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  • Keith Robertson

    We were in a bind on the eve of trial and contacted Primeau Forensics a few days before the we were to start. Mike worked tirelessly, even late at night and over the weekend to get us what we needed and based on his representations and expert opinions we successfully won our issue before the Court and proceeded to trial with one less issue to worry about. I can’t state enough about how satisfied we are with the service, attention and result we received. We definitely will be using this group in the future.

  • Yannick Sire

    Stellar Service, prompt reply. They went above and beyond for me in analyzing some dashcam footage to fight a ticket. Very kind and helpful, great customer service. Cannot recommend them enough.

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    We worked with Michael Primeau who provided exceptional work in a timely manner. Mr. Primeau was responsive, proactive, and a pleasure to work with. We highly recommend Primeau Forensics!

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Forensic Video Enhancement

Enhancing Videos Accurately

Forensic video enhancement is the scientific method applied by a qualified expert to clarify a recording while preserving integrity for courtroom use. The success of digital video enhancement services is directly dependent on the methods applied by the expert, as well as the original quality of the recording. The quality of a video is evaluated based on compression rate, spatial resolution, and FPS (frames per second). 

Video Types We Can Enhance

CCTV Surveillance

Dash Camera

Primeau Forensics Social Media Evidence

Social Media

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Law Enforcement Dash Camera

Doorbell Camera

Primeau Forensics Mobile Forensics

Mobile Phone

Advanced Forensic Video Analysis

In some cases, enhancement of a video recording is only the beginning. Advanced methodology may be required to make determinations about the recording for litigation use. Our forensic video analysis methodology can assist in answering these difficult questions.



Expert witness services are available for video clarification investigations by Primeau Forensics. Our expert witness services include a forensic report of the methodology applied, any opinions that can be made and testimony. These opinions can assist the trier of fact in making determinatinos about the original events, now clarified.

We have helped legal teams in courtrooms across the USA and can provide expertise to create a successful litigation plan. As a result, our trial experience makes us stand out from other companies.

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We take pride in our ability to teach our clients, and the court, to answer difficult questions, truthfully.