Whether you have worked with video in your cases or not, chances you will in the future. New video formats are surfacing with various playback issues. Not only is this a problem at the discovery portion of a case, it is even more of a problem in the courtroom. Judge’s have little patience with technical issues. Playback of proprietary video evidence is complicated and requires a player to display or convert. For example, CCTV systems most commonly record in a file format that contains an abundance of original information in a proprietary format (DAV, G64, EXE). If not properly handled, this information is easily lost and not recoverable. 

Playback Problems

Newer types of compression like HEIC/HVEC or H265 in an open file format (courtroom ready) are converted or played back at incorrect speeds, aspect ratios, image resolutions, etc. If not properly preserved and transcoded, this information can be misrepresented. When video is not played back correctly, some feel that recording its playback is the next best option. Although useful, this can remove digital information necessary for investigation or distort the original playback of the evidence. 







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File Repair/Reconstruction

Often times, the repair and reconstruction of video files is impossible without the aid of a forensic video analyst. Video analysts have specialized training and tools to disect video recordings of varying formats to interpret the layers of data within the file. This level of advanced analysis is required to recover video frames as well as reconstruct the container that is responsible for playing the video. 

dvr data recovery


We have access to databases of video formats as well as advanced repair and conversion tools that integrate with the majority of digital video recorded formats.  Our experts stay current with best practices in the scientific community when handling digital video evidence. We can restore the playback of your critical video evidence quickly and accurately. 

Playback speed correction

Our team can analyze timecode information embedded within the file to correct the variable or constant playback speed.

iPhone Live Photo Conversion

Formats like HEIC/HVEC formats may require a third-party plugin or specialized software to playback correctly. Live photos are simply a video being played back at the push of a button. We can extract the information contained within these proprietary containers.

Video Image Sequence

Playback of video evidence frame by frame can be difficult. Our team can extract sequences of video images in the highest quality format (lossless) and produce them into a deliverable PDF format.

Video File Conversion

Whether we need to reduce the file size or transfer video evidence into a more friendly container for easy playback. File conversion is a delicate process that requires attention to detail in order to discard information that is not relevant.

File Reconstruction

Unlike video file conversion, file reconstruction is typically the highest quality (lossless) processing. This process is analysis intense and requires an advanced level of interrogation of the video to correct playback.

MP4 File Repair

When that evidence is acquired or handled improperly, it can become damaged, or accidentally altered. We can repackage the file and correct playback or even restore new video images.