Audio enhancement is a forensic process used to improve an audio recording’s clarity without damaging its authenticity. With access to clear, factual audio information, these recordings can work as admissible evidence in a court of law.


At Primeau Forensics, we offer audio forensic enhancement for third-party examination of evidence.

The Forensic Sound Enhancement Process:


Identify the unwanted sounds.


Reduce or remove the unwanted sounds.


Report observations and opinions.

The general scope of the enhancement process includes listening for unwanted sounds, removing them and presenting observations. The sound removal procedure can involve a series of methods for unwanted sounds such as traffic noises and background static.


Once forensic audio enhancement experts remove the unwanted sounds, they can enhance the wanted ones, such as speech. At Primeau Forensics, we use industry-standard equipment to ensure we maintain the integrity of the sound. We can use our equipment on isolated audio files or audio in video footage


Take a look at some of our methods for forensic audio enhancement.


forensic audio enhancement


Critical listening is the cornerstone of audio forensics. Audio experts have highly trained ears that can pick up crucial audio sections that need to be enhanced. They’ll use noise-canceling headphones and look at frequency ranges and recording levels.

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Equalization is a process that reduces unwanted frequencies and enhances needed ones. With distracting frequencies removed, audio enhancement experts can perform other procedures smoothly.

voice enhancement


Compressing the sound raises the volume levels and balances them for clarity. Experts may use compression and gates to boost the sound and reduce any remaining unwanted noise.

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Noise and Reverb Reduction

This step is where forensic audio technicians remove unwanted sounds entirely. These sounds may distract from speech and limit the ability to understand the exchange.


During the noise reduction process, an expert uses a noise profile to systematically remove the wanted sounds without affecting dialogue or other important signals. They also use tools to reduce echo and reverb that affect the audio quality.

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What We Can Enhance

Audio can take many forms in the modern age, and we have experience with many of them. We’ve handled an array of audio types, including:

Using Audio Enhancement in Court

Primeau Forensics Expert Witness Services

If you intend to use audio enhancement in a court setting, you should count on an expert such as Primeau Forensics. We follow all the best practices outlined by the scientific community to perform thorough enhancement services without harming the recording’s authenticity. 


We document procedures and present facts from an unbiased perspective. Our forensic audio enhancement experts will also identify critical dialogue and accurately present the information.

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Primeau Forensics has been in business for nearly four decades. Our team of highly trained experts can handle your enhancement needs with comprehensive approaches. We also have experience testifying in court with our scientific discoveries. 


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