We understand that your time is valuable when preparing for trial and want to help alleviate unnecessary activity to make your job easier. If you are involved in litigation, an audio and video expert witness could support your side of the case. Contact Primeau Forensics for professional analysis of digital media content and to present our discoveries. 

The Primeau Forensics team has experience in audio and video expert witness testimony. If you need support with your case, we can provide a forensic expert witness to share our findings in a court of law.



 Any witnesses will offer value to a court case. Some witnesses may talk about what they experienced and may respond with uncertainty if they weren’t present for a particular event. Expert witnesses bring a new level of fact and certainty to a case.

Any expert witness will examine a case from an unbiased viewpoint — their goal is to present the facts. This perspective is more thorough and trustworthy. How these facts bring clarity to the case is up to the jury.  

Another added value of an expert witness is their experience testifying in court. Lay witnesses are regular people who likely have no experience testifying in front of a jury. Expert witnesses know how a trial works and how to present their findings correctly. A strong expert witness may be the difference between a win and a loss.


At Primeau Forensics, we know our audio and video expert witness testimony is only as strong as our forensic investigation. Before we act as your expert witness, we’ll provide comprehensive forensic services to gather all necessary information for your case.

While our forensic services don’t always involve testifying in court, we take the time to process every investigation like it’s going to trial. This practice consists of identifying a stable scientific foundation to avoid any unwanted biases. Furthermore, we strive to remain a third party — not catering to either side in a case. This attitude ensures that our forensic expert testimony is trustworthy and useful.


Qualification is the foundation of an excellent expert witness. You can only earn the expert title with specific criteria, and our team meets them all.

As an unbiased third party, the Primeau Forensics team acts as forensic experts before anything else. Our dedication to the facts ensures we make reliable expert witnesses. We know how to explain our scientific evidence in layman's terms for a jury to understand and have several cases of experience to support our skills. Our experts are also licensed under Federal Rule 702 to act as expert witnesses in court.


A compelling testimony begins with ample preparation. During this stage, one of our forensic experts will work closely with the attorney to determine the plan for presenting in court. The bulk of the preparation stage involves our experts compiling questions for the attorney to ask during the trial. This step is vital for helping the attorney understand the facts that our experts have uncovered and how to present them.

The preparation stage for a forensic expert witness testimony may include choosing the best equipment for presenting digital evidence, such as projectors and high-resolution monitors.


Our forensic experts will work with the client attorney as long as they need to prepare for the deposition. Every time we testify, we bring a list of questions to review with our client attorney as a foundation for our preparation time together. Not only does this save the attorney time, but it helps them to better understand how to present the facts from the forensic investigation when testifying. We prepare for trial first by reviewing the case, the goal of the investigation, all our work products and any forensic reports. Next, we vet these materials internally with other experts on our team before we go under oath. When complete, we have a telephone call or Skype session with our client attorney for trial prep before leaving the office. Lastly, we prep again with our client attorney a second time, face to face, before going into court.


Courtroom testimony occurs under oath and can be an intimidating process. Our experts have experience in this position and understand the direct and cross-examination procedure. We anticipate any questions directed our way during this process.

We focus on educating the Trier of Fact in an understandable yet compelling way, making our forensic image expert witness services valuable to any client.

One great trial lawyer had this to say about our lead expert witness, Ed Primeau:
“Ed Primeau is the best at what he does! As a trial attorney, I depend on experts to educate me in the relevant field for which they are hired. My focus has always been on finding an expert who not only simplifies the subject area, but is also creative in approach. I recently had a case in which I needed an audio and video forensic expert. I found Ed. Ed is a genius and was absolutely amazing in front of the jury.”
– Attorney Nenye Uche


At Primeau Forensics, we use an unbiased, third-party perspective to provide evidence in court. You can count on us to work with the facts and break down and communicate complex processes in a more simple way.  With almost four decades in the industry, we have experience working with attorneys, law enforcement, the United States government and other forensic experts.

Our analysts receive annual training to understand and use the latest examination technology. We’re also certified by law enforcement agencies so we can handle your investigative and expert witness requirements. 

We offer free consultations before our services. Contact us today to request a proposal.