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Video forensics is a type of forensic science that focuses on the careful analysis of video recordings. Once a recording is collected, forensic video experts perform a series of analyses and enhancements to better understand the footage. This process may involve sharpening images, stabilizing the video and combining or isolating camera views to  identify suspects or corroborate witness statements. 


As a result, video forensic evidence is vital in all kinds of judicial proceedings, from civil cases to criminal investigations. 


We perform a scientific evaluation of video in legal cases to help the trier of fact understand the video evidence. Our video analysis answers questions about the relevancy and accuracy of the recorded events. 

If you need to determine whether a video has been altered, we have video authentication services to help. Our forensic video experts closely examine the recording to find evidence of editing if the chain of custody can’t be identified completely. Any evidence of alteration classifies the footage as inauthentic and thus inadmissible in court.

Our video forensic experts use scientific methods to clarify video evidence while preserving its integrity. These enhancement services may include sharpening images, reducing video speed, modifying lighting and shadows and performing other clarifying techniques. 

For video that has been damaged or lost, we provide recovery services to restore footage. We recover, secure and copy the recovered data following all video forensic best practices for recovery and copying. 

Our video redaction services provide privacy during litigation. If there is footage that is irrelevant to the case, we will remove that content. We follow all best practices to ensure the video clip remains accurate without infringing on privacy. Types of video redaction include medical, police body camera, police dashboard and police interview. 

We can also provide a forensic video expert witness who creates a detailed report of our findings and testifies in court. Our expert will explain our methodology and present the facts while remaining thorough and unbiased. 

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For more than 35 years, Primeau Forensics has provided video forensic services to attorneys, government agencies, and law enforcement. We have the skills and experience to examine, analyze, and enhance your video recordings through precise, scientific procedures.


We receive annual accreditation and training with law enforcement agencies to stay on top of technological advancements so you can trust the accuracy of our work. We also strictly adhere to standard forensic best practices so that your video recordings will hold up in court. 


Contact us today to get started with your pro bono consultation. We can also provide you with a proposal on how our services can help your case so that you know exactly what to expect. If you are working on a tight timeline, let us know, and we can provide expedited services. 

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