Video forensics is a type of forensic science that focuses on the careful analysis of video recordings. Once a recording is collected, forensic video experts perform a series of analyses and enhancements to better understand the footage. Our video forensic services may involve sharpening images, stabilizing the video, and combining or isolating camera views to identify suspects or corroborate witness statements. As a result, our clients receive the world’s best video forensic services from world-renown experts. Video forensic evidence is vital in all kinds of judicial proceedings, from civil cases to criminal investigations. 


Forensic Video Analysis

We perform a scientific evaluation of video in legal cases to help the trier of fact understand the video evidence. Our video forensic services answer questions about the relevancy and accuracy of the recorded events. 

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Video Authentication

If you need to determine whether a video has been altered, we have video authentication services to help. Our forensic video experts closely examine the recording to find evidence of editing if the chain of custody can't be identified completely. Any evidence of alteration classifies the footage as non-camera original and thus inadmissible in court.

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Video File Repair

New video formats are surfacing with various playback issues. Playback of proprietary video evidence is complicated and requires a player to display or convert. For example, CCTV systems most commonly record in a file format that contains an abundance of original information in a proprietary format (DAV, G64, EXE). If not properly handled, this information is easily lost and not recoverable.

CCTV DVR Recovery

DVR/NVR Data Recovery

For video that has been damaged or lost, we provide the worlds best video forensic services to restore video evidence. We recover, secure and copy the recovered data following all video forensic best practices for recovery and copying. 


Digital video evidence extracted from surveillance systems play digital images in a rapid succession using a frame rate. Analysis of delicate information like frame timing and other metadata is critical when estimating speed. We can now create 3d modeled spaces and re-create the scene to assist with making determinations.

Dash Camera Forensics

Dash camera forensics is the application of forensic analysis of a dash camera system as well as the evidence recordings it produces. Though this type of investigation, a qualified forensic video analyst will interrogate a system to determine the truth about an accident, altercation, or accusation in a legal case.

Forensic Video Enhancement

Video Enhancement

Our video forensic experts use scientific methods to clarify video evidence while preserving its integrity. These forensic video services may include sharpening images, reducing video speed, modifying lighting and shadows and performing other clarifying techniques. 

We can also provide a forensic video expert witness who creates a detailed report of our findings and testifies in court. Our expert will explain our methodology and present the facts while remaining thorough and unbiased. 







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