Forensic Video Authentication Services

Our video authentication services aid in determining if the contents of a video are similar or dissimilar to what they are purported to be. 

Video Evidence Isn't Always Accurate

With the proliferation of digital video evidence from surveillance systems, body-worn cameras, police dash cameras, and videos captured by mobile devices (iPhone) videos have become of high probative value in court. However, videos can be easily altered which can be a direct cause of mishandling or misrepresentation of the recording at the time of acquisition. In other words, video recordings contain fragile information. The video evidence when entered with incorrect information due to mishandling can cause the court to make determinations improperly. These issues can leave a video suspect of manipulation.

Expert Video Authentication Services

In many cases, our experts conduct investigations to better understand how the original device operates that created the video evidence. This is becoming increasinly more useful when analyzing video evidence created using cloud video recordings systems (e.g, Ring, Nest, Arlo) Our experts can offer an explanation as to how the video was created and can explain what changes may have occurred throughout the provenance of the video file. Understanding how the technology works and the explanation to a courtroom can make or break a case. Learn more from one of our lead video expert, Michael Primeau in the video to the left. 



If the chain of custody can’t be fully identified, forensic video analysis experts will examine the recording closely to find evidence of editing on their own. Any signs of altering will classify the footage as inauthentic.

Verify Integrity

At this phase of testing we can verify the source of a digital video recording, determine its file history as well as provide software manipulation detection. Our tools can answer difficult questions about the chain of custody of video evidence. Using MedEx Forensics, we can now identify devices using a database of tens of thousands recordings (including video editing tools) that files have passed through. We can examine mobile devices, surveillance video systems, professional cameras and more.

Authenticate Time

DVR systems capture date/time information using their own internal clock. This timing information is not always captured accurately and is reflected differently onscreen as well as in the digital information of the file. Our expert video authentication services will determine the original timing information with accuracy.

Site Inspections

We provide site inspections to determine equipment functionality, extract sample recordings when a video evidence recording is questioned.

Rebuttal Expert Witness

In many civil cases, our experts are retained to review opposing expert reports and determine the accuracy of their opinions. This is due to an increase in subjective opinions provided by experts.

Video Recovery

The absence of recorded video evidence can be used as a weapon. For example, an in-car video camera system may not be triggered to record video evidence. An argument could be made that the video was tampered with or removed. However, forensic analysis may reveal that the system was not activated properly or failed. In other words, our analysis of digital video systems and the configuration of motion only recording can assist the trier of fact. This helps them understand how these systems capture motion when recording video events.

Accuracy of Video Images

When a digital video recorder captures a video stream, it may not be capturing that information accurately. This is mostly due to lower quality encoding software that reduces the quality of the recording to optimize storage space. In order for the court to understand how a video camera captures events differently than how they originally occurred, our experts can explain in a simple understanding.

Authenticate Audio from Video

Most digital video recording systems capture audio and video signals when recording evidence. These audio streams do not always record in sync with a video stream. Audio evidence may have not been originally recorded in some cases. Our video authenticity services will determine if a recording system could have captured audio. We can also provide audio/video re-sync services for courtroom use.

Expert Witness Testimony

Our experts combined have testified in dozens of cases throughout the country as well as internationally, including Federal court. We are trained in providing deposition and courtroom expert witness testimony.

audio forensic expert


After 35+ years in business testifying as a forensic video analysis expert, Edward Primeau, our lead forensics expert, has worked with and learned from some of the greatest trial lawyers in the world. This experience has strengthened Primeau Forensics’ expert witness performance in the court room. We apply peer reviewed methodology in order to authenticate video evidence with accuracy. We have testified in local, state and federal courts all over the United States and have extensive experience helping legal teams develop a solid trial strategy. Click HERE to read what some of them have said.

We take pride in our ability to teach our clients, and the court, to answer difficult questions, truthfully.