Digital evidence from devices such as smartphones and laptops can be significant during litigation. Acquiring this evidence correctly is crucial for protecting the data and maintaining its integrity.


At Primeau Forensics, we specialize in the acquisition and preservation of digital evidence to keep it safe for use in court.


Digital evidence, such as computer data, is fragile by nature. Without proper handling, delicate coding can sustain damage or be completely destroyed. Whether this mishandling is accidental or intentional, any damage will affect evidence credibility in court.


Digital evidence acquisition includes steps to ensure the data is properly handled and preserved. Qualified technicians follow specific standards for evidence collection to maintain the validity of the material.


At Primeau Forensics, we know digital evidence can be important in a court of law. Our team undergoes exhaustive training on acquisition and preservation to keep your digital evidence safe.

Digital Devices We Work With:

The modern world involves a range of devices, and all of them can store valuable evidence for a trial. Devices we collect from include:










When dealing with digital evidence, the US Department of Justice has outlined the following general forensic and procedural principles:


  • Any actions taken to secure and collect digital evidence should not impact the evidence’s integrity. 
  • Individuals examining digital evidence should receive training.
  • Activities to seize, examine, store or transfer digital evidence should be recorded, preserved and available for review. 

Throughout these practices, the examiner should be aware of the need to conduct an accurate and impartial examination of the digital evidence.

Acquisition and Authenticity

For evidence to be useful in court, it must be authentic. Authenticity encompasses evidence credibility and determines if a judge can deem it admissible. Credibility is achieved with proper acquisition methods and an establishment of a chain of custody


The proper acquisition methods ensure the digital information isn’t modified in any way during collection. The chain of custody proves that everyone who handled the evidence did so properly. If someone mishandled evidence, the data might have somehow changed, making it unreliable in court.


At Primeau Forensics, we take multiple steps in preserving digital evidence for court. Our digital evidence recovery and gathering practices meet all standards outlined in the scientific community, and we document the chain of custody to ensure all evidence is credible and authentic


We use this attention to detail in all our cases, big and small. Whether you’re involved with a civil case or a criminal investigation, our acquisition process will ensure the authenticity of your evidence.


Data acquisition is a form of ‘due diligence’ as it establishes an authentic chain of custody and preserves fragile evidence in multiple locations. In many cases, we discover lost or deleted digital media during the data acquisition process. When this happens during Primeau Forensics’ acquisition process, we notify our clients and identify a strategy for the newly found digital media. This digital media can be in the form of chat logs, text messages, email communication, and GPS positioning, just to name a few.

Preservation of Digital Evidence

Upon acquiring evidence for your case, we’ll preserve it properly. The preservation process involves making a copy of the acquired evidence to perform forensic tests and examinations. This practice ensures there is always an original copy of data that has not been tampered with or mishandled.


We follow the preservation standards outline by SWGDE, and we can make evidence copies for various parties, including law enforcement.

Contact Us for Digital Evidence Acquisition

Primeau Forensics has been in business for nearly four decades. We’ve worked with a range of clients, from local law enforcement to government agencies. Our comprehensive and regulated approach to evidence acquisition confirms the validity of the data for litigation. 


Our forensic experts train annually to understand new technology and regulations. They’ve also trained under law enforcement to gain a complete understanding of evidence authenticity and court processes.


You can rely on us for evidence acquisition and various other digital forensic processes. We’re also certified to testify in court as expert witnesses. Contact us today or call us at (800) 647-4281 to learn more about what we can do for you.

If you have digital media evidence that you question or need help understanding, please contact us for a pro bono consultation.

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