As a family owned and operated business for over 36 years, Primeau Forensics recognizes the important role that digital media evidence plays within the court system. Together, our team has processed over 5,000 audio, video, and image forensic investigations and has provided litigation support services and expert testimony in over 500 cases in local, state, and federal courts. 


Several high-profile cases we have been retained for include; US V George Zimmerman, restoration of the Air Force One audio recordings from the day of JFK’s assassination, and the Mayor Rob Ford scandal in Toronto, Ontario.  


Our mission as forensic technicians and experts has been, and will continue to be, to offer unbiased, industry-leading litigation support services to our clients and to help them interpret the relevance of their evidence.

Digital Image Forensics' Expert Witness Testimony


  • Appellate Law
  • Child Custody Law
  • Civil Rights Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Employment and Labor Law
  • Entertainment Law
  • Family Law
  • Insurance Law
  • Judicial Law
  • Malpractice and Professional Law
  • Transportation Law
Primeau Forensics Litigation Support Services


  • Audio Enhancement of 911 Calls
  • Audio and Video Enhancement of Police Shootings
  • Body Camera Image Stablization
  • Demonstrative Video Exhibits
  • Establishing Chain of Custody
  • Speaker Verification
  • Video Enhancement of Surveillance Footage


No. During Primeau Forensics’ pro bono consultation phase, our experts will discuss competitive service pricing.

We use electronic file sharing applications using SSL/TLS 256-bit encryption and supporting forward secrecy. File names are dynamically scrambled. We encrypt all data stored on our electronic file sharing server using AES 256-bit encryption. Our file sharing process is also HIPPA compliant. We store all evidence we receive under lock and key and maintain it through chain of custody tagging. All evidence is also photographed when it arrives at our facility.

Our experts and technicians follow best practices set forth by SWGDE (The Scientific Working Group on Digital Evidence) and LEVA (The Law Enforcement and Emergency Services Video Association).

No. We only require proof that the payment is being processed to begin an investigation.

Absolutely not. Our experts are trained by the same agencies that train law enforcement officers. As experts of the court, our statement of duty is as follows; “I understand that my duty as an expert witness is to assist the court by providing impartial, objective, unbiased and independent opinions uninfluenced by the party who has retained me or called me as a witness”. No matter where our funding comes from, we work for the trier of fact.

For more information on our litigation support services or to discuss how Primeau Forensics can help with your case, contact us today.

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