As a family-owned and -operated business for almost 40 years, Primeau Forensics knows the vital role digital media evidence plays in court cases. Together, our team has processed over 5,000 audio, video, and image forensic investigations and has provided litigation support services and expert testimony in over 500 cases in local, state, and federal courts. 


Several high-profile cases we have been retained for include; US V George Zimmerman, restoration of the Air Force One audio recordings from the day of JFK’s assassination, and the Mayor Rob Ford scandal in Toronto, Ontario.  


Our mission has always been to offer unbiased, industry-leading litigation support services to our clients while helping interpret the relevance of our findings to the evidence. 


We offer a range of forensic support for attorneys to create admissible evidence in court.

Audio Enhancement of 911 Calls

911 calls often reveal pertinent information during civil and criminal legal proceedings. With our forensic audio services, we can remove distracting background noises and improve the speakers' clarity. Information will be easier to understand and more accurate when you trust our forensic audio litigation support.


When you have audio with an unidentified speaker, verifying the voice can make a significant difference in a case. Our speaker verification services start with us creating an exemplar recording of a suspect. We use various technology and forensic techniques to find similarities between these voices. Once we've gathered enough evidence, we can confirm or deny a speaker's identity based on a percentage of certainty.


The chain of custody for a piece of evidence describes who had the evidence and how they handled it. When we establish a chain of custody, we can determine if someone may have tampered with the evidence and affected the accuracy of the information presented.


Our forensic approaches can reveal crucial facts to a case, and an expert should help present these facts. With courtroom exhibit preparation, you can work through how to explain the evidence during the trial and display it to the jury. For evidence such as video footage, this may involve setting you up with the right technology to show it.


Officer-involved shootings may happen incredibly fast and leave you with low-quality footage. Our video enhancement services can help you improve the pixel clarity, reduce blur and limit shakiness to make the course of events clearer to viewers. We can also enhance audio if the footage includes critical dialogue.


Body cameras are inherently unstable, especially during active scenes. If you have body cam footage with vital evidence, we can stabilize the clip for the best clarity and communication. We may also take and enhance stills from video footage to prove events and confirm circumstances.


Our team is well-versed in testifying in court. Once we provide our services, we can use our knowledge during litigation as expert witnesses. We work alongside attorneys to determine the best deposition questions related to the enhanced evidence and prepare our answers for when we present to the jury.


No. During Primeau Forensics’ pro bono consultation phase, our experts will discuss competitive service pricing.

We use electronic file sharing applications using SSL/TLS 256-bit encryption and supporting forward secrecy. File names are dynamically scrambled. We encrypt all data stored on our electronic file sharing server using AES 256-bit encryption. Our file sharing process is also HIPAA compliant. We store all evidence we receive under lock and key and maintain it through chain of custody tagging. All evidence is also photographed when it arrives at our facility.

Our experts and technicians follow best practices set forth by SWGDE (The Scientific Working Group on Digital Evidence) and LEVA (The Law Enforcement and Emergency Services Video Association).

No. We only require proof that the payment is being processed to begin an investigation.

Absolutely not. Our experts are trained by the same agencies that train law enforcement officers. As experts of the court, our statement of duty is as follows; “I understand that my duty as an expert witness is to assist the court by providing impartial, objective, unbiased and independent opinions uninfluenced by the party who has retained me or called me as a witness”. No matter where our funding comes from, we work for the trier of fact.

Forensic Audio and Video Services Attorneys Can Trust

While our team has experience testifying in court and working with high-profile clients, we also provide trustworthy forensic services. Our experts go through the same extensive forensic training as law enforcement before working with us. They also receive annual training to stay updated on new technology and best practices. We align with the scientific community’s best practices and stay focused on facts for an unbiased perspective.


With our technical skills and experience, we’re an excellent team for forensic litigation support.

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