Primeau Forensics’ experts receive the same forensic analysis training as law enforcement agencies around the world. We have proudly provided law enforcement support to local, national, and federal agencies on all types of investigations, both big and small. Our experts have processed many notable cases working alongside these agencies, using the most current training, technology, and an unbiased perspective to uncover the truth.

With nearly four decades worth of experience, our training and expertise remain unrivaled within the industry. For this reason, law enforcement departments across the country confidently continue to entrust us with their digital media evidence. We lend our guidance and support to help them better understand the role it plays within investigations.

Primeau Forensics Law Enforcement Support Services


We provide a range of services for law enforcement support.

Analog and digital evidence, such as audio or video, may offer valuable information to a case. These mediums can be unclear for multiple reasons and have background noise, blurriness and shakiness. With our technology, we can analyze the content and clarify it to make it more legitimate in court.

Authenticating and clarifying evidence are more helpful practices when paired with a solid presentation. We work with law enforcement to capture the notable qualities of a piece of evidence during a trial. Presentation design can include points to make in court and the device you display evidence on.

With the prevalence of closed-circuit television (CCTV) and digital video recorder (DVR) recordings, you may need to extract data from a storage device. Individuals can also damage or destroy these devices, making data recovery valuable. We’ll extract the footage you need without altering or losing it.

Expert reports and witnesses are indispensable in a court setting. We can provide scientific reports on the evidence we worked with to prove facts and findings. Our team can also act as expert witnesses to present information from a reliable source.

When you have a piece of media evidence, it may not always be compatible with multiple media platforms. This situation can make it hard to duplicate and distribute evidence. We can export and transcode media types, so they’ll work on multiple playback formats.

When you have an unknown subject in a photo or video, we can use digital media of your suspect to compare. This process can help you narrow down suspects and gather critical information.

If any form of media, such as audio or video, is dysfunctional or broken in some way, we can use our skills to repair it. We can also use industry best practices to duplicate content without affecting the evidence’s authenticity.

Law enforcement and forensics teams often confront similar operations in handling and documenting evidence. The Primeau Forensics team can present our range of services while also discussing best practices for evidence preservation and location recording. These forensic support practices for law enforcement will help your trial run smoothly.

Reverse projection is a forensic method used to measure objects or people in photographs. This process can help you discover if a suspect fits the criteria for an unidentified person in an image.

Surveillance data often plays a significant role in criminal cases and may even uncover the guilty parties. However, surveillance data isn’t always easy to understand or navigate. With scientific processing methods, we can uncover and clarify valuable information from a file, including dashcam footage.


No. We offer pro bono consultations during which we will discuss our competitive prices. We also provide reduced rates for law enforcement.

Yes. We have worked on many sensitive police department and other internal affairs investigations. No matter the case, all ongoing work is kept strictly confidential.

Yes. Many video recordings require proprietary players and specific CODECS. Primeau Forensics has an extensive library of tools with which we can assist with your playback difficulties.

Yes. We have extensive experience in the forensic analysis and enhancement of body worn cameras. Often times, evidence from these cameras greatly helps the investigation and proceeding trial.

Yes. We identify frame rate for each video and scientifically position an accurate representation from all video sources.

Yes. Many systems malfunction unexpectedly and without a department’s knowledge. We frequently assist law enforcement departments with recovery of poorly recorded audio confessions.