With the rise of digital media, images have gained a large presence in court. Digital images can be significant evidence in a range of cases, but with lives on the line, this evidence needs to be an honest reflection of the events that occurred. Digital image authentication services assist the trier of fact to determine if the images are real or fake. 

Michael Primeau explains the role of an image forensic expert, the digital image authentication process, as well as the role an image authentication investigation plays in court in this video.

Digital Image Authentication Forensic Services
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$ 375 Per Image
  • Initial Consultation
  • Visual Inspection
  • Provide Verbal Opinion


$ 750 Per Image
  • Photographic conditions
  • Subjects/objects within a scene
  • Artifact detection
  • Scene light levels
  • Origin of the image


$ 525 Per Image
  • Verify as Camera Original or Copy
  • Verify Date and Time
  • Manipluation & Edit Detection
  • Photoshopped Detection


$ 1,500 Per Image
  • File Format Analysis
  • Sample Image Comparison
  • Similar Images on the Web Search
  • Re-save / Re-Compression Detection
  • Re-Sizing Detection
  • Clone Detection
  • Local Modification Analysis
  • Photographic Conditions Analysis
Mr. Primeau and his team are incredible-and incredibly skilled. I am just a regular person who had a 30 year old VHS tape of her children and family members that was apparently ruined when I used a machine to transfer it to DVD. Devastated at the loss but unwilling to completely give up, I found Mr. Primeau's website and sent him an email. Though his inbox must be inundated with emails from important law enforcement and media people who need his forensic help, Mr. Primeau treated my problem as though it were of the utmost importance. He responded to my inquiry within hours with a thoughtful and informative email and a plan for where I could mail the tape and how he would approach the problem. Hours after Mr. Primeau received the damaged tape, he called to give me the glorious news that he would be able to salvage nearly all of it!! He communicated with me often along the way as he made me DVDs and a thumb drive. Then, Alex worked with me to get the new DVD here in time to show it to my adult children who were visiting. Mr. Primeau showed me great kindness and respect. He was able to save all but a few seconds of footage and the DVDs are of much better quality than the original tape. I will forever be grateful to him for using his amazing skills to give me back my memories!!!
Liza Moorman
Liza Moorman
20:27 02 Sep 19
Outstanding attention to detail and customer service. Ed Primeau is a professional who produces actionable results.
Isaac Van Patten
Isaac Van Patten
15:35 22 Oct 19
The whole team is very professional and really experts in forensics, dealing with the case in deep detail, exploring all scenarios and providing constant and clear information about the process. Highly recommended.
Edson Barbieri
Edson Barbieri
21:30 29 Jul 19
Ed is easy to work with and remains accessible even when his schedule is tight. His staff is knowledgeable, professional and courteous. Great customer service. Highly recommend!
A. M. Drake
A. M. Drake
22:57 02 Apr 19
As a business owner myself, I am aware of the effort it takes to assemble a team of employees that conduct their business as if it were their own, and take pride in how they represent your company to others. As an owner who feels has achieved that status myself, I immediately recognize it in others. I must say that this is not common in the workforce today. From the first contact with your company, through closeout, every one of your employees made this experience a pleasure and acted with the upmost professionalism.
Abc Def
Abc Def
20:32 03 Dec 18
We contracted with Primeau Forensics to conduct forensic analysis of video footage in a murder case. Their team was amazing to work with and provided a detailed report based on legal standards. Another important factor for me when deciding to work with Primeau was they are experts that work with law enforcement, and prosecutors as well as defense attorneys. They work on civil and criminal cases and are well reputed in this field of forensic science. I highly recommend them and will work with them on future cases.
Tammy Koelling
Tammy Koelling
13:58 26 Aug 20
Ed was extremely helpful with an inquiry I had. I know he is very busy, yet he took the time to chat with me and work with me on a small scale project. Highly recommend.
Scott S. Kramer
Scott S. Kramer
20:41 28 Sep 20
Michael and his ream were as pleasant as they were professional, and turned around the required deliverables quickly and without flaw. I look forward to the opportunity to work with Primeau Forensics again .
Miguel Sancho
Miguel Sancho
17:50 27 Oct 20
THE BEST IN MICHIGANI was turned down by a slew of other companies in and around Michigan, however Primeau Forensics was more than willing to take up my challenging and complicated case.I recently hired Primeau Forensics to perform a Virtual and Social Media Analysis (e-mail and sms) The Forensic Team which consists of Ed, Micheal, Alex and Audrey, were professional and caring.Micheal's expert testimony was immensely beneficial to my case with providing in-depth detail to its process and findings.Primeau Forensics was able to prove my innocence!I highly recommend using Primeau Forensics for your Audio, Video, Virtual and Social Media Analysis needsPrimeau Forensics exceeded my expectations. They are definitely "The Best in Michigan"!
Google User
Google User
15:30 22 Nov 19
Just want to say "Thank you." When I contacted you, I was full of worry about the case pending against my grandchild who assured me he was innocent. It was a relief when you shared your knowledge of forensic videography and your exerience with the criminal justice system. You told me that what was being held out as video evidence was not credible at all and explained why. That provided a great deal of peace of mind. In the end, the prosecutor decided to dismiss all charges because it was also his conclusion that the video "evidence" was not evidence at all. Thank you for being willing to provide your expert testimony.
Rosaline Williams
Rosaline Williams
16:22 23 Mar 20
Very professional. Turn around was quick. Their work was instrumental to a case I was involved with.
Kevin Menice
Kevin Menice
14:13 02 Nov 20
Mr. Primeau and his staff were very professional. I appreciated the honesty and integrity of the process. He answered all the questions I presented to him and was very fair with the price for his professional time.
Frank Esposito
Frank Esposito
18:09 15 Feb 21
I hire Primeau to work on a case for me. Not sure what made me different for the rest of their clients, but weeks went by no response. They took my money and work on my project for a few hours. I choose Ed because the company had great reviews. My advice is if you choose their service just pray you are the client they actually care about. If they feel you are someone less important then you get horrible service.
Montrel Prude
Montrel Prude
11:59 02 Dec 20
If you have an issue with wanting to determine if police body camera footage was improperly altered in any way, DO NOT retain this company. I was told by Ed Primeau that I would receive a call from him after my investigation was complete. At that time, I was very honest and made him aware that I had an attorney. He did not request my attorneys information at that time. He promised to call me with results. Later, I received an email from an employee telling me the results... that there was no editing or tampering. I said I would like to have the questions I submitted with the contract answered and I would like to speak to Ed Primeau. This employee, Audrey told me that if I wanted my questions answered or wanted any additional information I would have to give them my attorney information and they would contact him. I never ever spoke to Ed Primeau after the investigation was done.The footage is so obviously tampered with to the naked eye it’s not funny. A forensic analysis was done of this footage later and severe tampering was discovered. Covering up for a police department and providing false information to me through my lawyer is not legal. A total waste of $1500. There is widespread corruption everywhere folks.
Mary Duvall
Mary Duvall
02:17 24 Jan 21
If you need help with police body camera footage this is NOT the place to go. I paid $1500 to have footage analyzed for tampering. Mr Primeau verbally stated that it was not tampered with. There are so many areas of the footage that were tampered with. No, not caused by compression. Look at the photos and you decide.
Mary Duvall
Mary Duvall
18:44 07 Apr 21
If you need help with police body camera footage this is NOT the place to go. I paid $1500 to have footage analyzed for tampering. Mr Primeau verbally stated that it was not tampered with. There are so many areas of the footage that were tampered with. No, not caused by compression. Look at the photos and you decide.
Mary Duvall
Mary Duvall
23:04 09 Apr 21


Digital image authentication is the application of image science and domain expertise to discern if a questioned image or video is an accurate representation of the original data by some defined criteria, and/or the determination of the original source of the image. – Best Practices for Image Authentication SWGDE V 1.0 Pg. 4. In other words, it determines whether an image is real or fake. And Primeau Forensics’ digital image forensic services are performed using the best practices for image authentication within the scientific community. 

Similarly, image authentication does not answer specific questions about the subject(s), object(s), or event(s) within an image, such as “Is a specific object present?” “What happened?” or “Where is the scene depicted?” These are all examples of questions answered through image content analysis. – Best Practices for Image Authentication SWGDE V 1.0 Pg. 4.

Images from a digital camera are not always reliable, especially as more people use photo editing software. That’s why digital image forensics is often necessary to determine authenticity. Thorough forensic image analysis can always detect whether an image was manipulated or not. Explore our various image investigation services below.

Primeau Forensics Digital Image Authentication: Determine if an image is real or fake


The purpose of digital integrity verification testing is to validate the integrity of the image format. While performing this service, we examine the digital information embedded within the image. This will determine if the information is consistent with what we would expect to see from an original. 

For example, a camera system creates an original recording when it produces a first-generation copy. An expert then performs forensic image analysis and verification testing. These procedures will tell us which recording is a copy and which is the original.


When you contact one of our experts for forensic image authentication, we’ll work through a series of stages to determine the integrity of the image presented.


The initial examination gives the forensic scientist a broad view of the digital image. They'll look for any immediate signs of tampering or inconclusive evidence that could benefit from further analysis. Information such as the device used to take the image, where it was taken, and how it's been handled play a role in this analysis. This preliminary testing determines if image authentication services are necessary or possible before taking the time and using expensive equipment to examine the file.


This step aims to authenticate the digital image. Experts intently examine the presented materials to look for edits or alterations. Then they examine the data of the file and decide if this information aligns with an original copy. Our experts also look at camera specifications to find any signs of edits. This error-level analysis essentially x-rays the images to find faults. A digital information test will determine if an image has been modified with an application such as Adobe Photoshop. These sorts of edits leave digital footprints behind that signal an alteration.


Image examination continues beyond the data embedded in the file. Copying images, often done for use in court, can affect the quality of the picture globally. Formats such as JPEG or PDF can compress the image, which interferes with the pixels. As a result, this lack of quality will deem the image inauthentic because certain subjects in the photo, including people or vehicles, will be unidentifiable in the compressed file. In addition, image examination includes analyzing specific areas of the image to determine if local modifications have occurred which include cloning, stamping, morphing, compositing, light manipulations, or removal of information from a digital image.


In some cases, experts will create an exemplar sample to compare it to the image under scrutiny. For example, if the image was taken with an iPhone, another image will be taken with the same device to compare the qualities of the images and their data. This method is one of the most definitive ways to determine the authenticity of a photo. If there are discrepancies between the sample and evidence, tampering is likely present.


Expert Witness Services are available for image authentication investigations by Primeau Forensics. In addition to trial preparation and testimony, expert witness services include a forensic report of all testing performed. This formalized report outlines our conditions, authentication methodology, and opinions.

Furthermore, Primeau Forensics’ procedures assist the trier of fact to make determinations about the images used as evidence. Our experts also anticipate all possible direct and cross-examination questions when we prepare for testimony. 

In conclusion, our image authentication services have been successfully admitted in over 25 court cases in 10 states. Not to mention, they have also been used in several international cases. 

Digital Image Forensics and Expert Witness Services


At Primeau Forensics, we use an unbiased, third-party perspective to provide evidence in court. We work with facts and make a point to communicate complex processes in easily understood ways. With 35 years of experience in the industry, we have experience working with attorneys, law enforcement, the United States government, and other forensic experts.

Our digital image forensics team receives annual training to stay up to date on the latest examination technology. Not to mention, our experts are certified by law enforcement agencies and are prepared to handle your digital picture authentication.