After 34 years as an audio and video forensic expert, I know about the good and the not-so-good lawyers. It seems to me, based on firsthand experience, that there are more ‘not-so-good’ lawyers. This inspired me to compose a blog post on how to hire a lawyer.
The first point I want to make is that if you have a lawyer that you feel is not doing the best job for you in your case, fire them and get a better lawyer. You may even be entitled to a partial refund of the retainer you paid them when they took your case. For questions on this, consult your state licensing board’s grievance commission. Here is a link for Michigan
A good lawyer knows how to balance time and plan for deadlines. They avoid taking calls when they are with clients, providing them with their undivided attention. The not-so-good lawyers answer their phone during client meetings which is rude and wasteful. Make sure and keep track of invoices you receive from your lawyer. This is especially true if you gave them an initial retainer.

Blindspot Ep 23: Tips from a Chicago Trial Lawyer Veteran, Nenye Uche

On Friday, March 23, Primeau Forensics began prepping its team for remote work amid the growing COVID-19 pandemic. Three weeks later, I am sitting in my dining room with a beautiful view of the backyard. Exactly…

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