The latest episode of HISTORY Channel’s newest television series, The Proof is Out There: Mystery Hum and Mayans on Mars, aired earlier this week. In case you missed our introduction to the series, HISTORY’s The Proof is Out There investigates some of the world’s most mysterious videos, photos, and audio recordings. Each episode employs leading experts and technology to analyze seemingly impossible phenomena “caught on film,” including UFOs, government conspiracies, and more. Michael Primeau, Primeau Forensics’ leading forensic video expert, helps analyze these incredible recordings throughout the series’ first season. 

Episode 7 Recap: Mystery Hum and Mayans on Mars

The Simulation Theory

Have you ever seen something that your mind rejects as impossible? There are some that believe we live in an elaborate computer simulation and that everything around us, including our homes, friends, and even nature, aren’t real. And the following videos may be proof.

In November 2015, video footage is captured of rush hour traffic in the Chinese city of Xingtai. Then, out of nowhere, two vans appear to defy gravity and jump in the air. Is this a glitch in the Matrix or is there a scientific explanation? A science writer and forensic video analyst dig deeper into the footage to lend their verdict.

The Proof is Out There, Mystery Hum and Mayans on Mars

Next, a photo surfaces on the internet showing an equally incredible occurrence. A photo captures two young girls and their reflections in a mirror. However, one of the girls’ reflection doesn’t match her facial expression. Forensic video analyst, Michael Primeau, begins his investigation by examining the photo’s metadata information. Michael notes no inconsistencies in the digital information. So if the photo is an original, could the girl’s face have been digitally manipulated after it was taken?

Mayans on Mars

NASA has been sending satellites to Mars for nearly 50 years to photograph its surface. While dozens of strange images have been captured during this time, the next photo may be the strangest. In the spring of 2020, an amateur astronomer claims the cameras on the Mars reconnaissance orbiter photographed a group of pyramids. And these pyramids eerily resemble the Mayan structures in Mexico. Is this evidence of a lost civilization on the Red Planet?

The Proof is Out There, Mysterious Hums and Mayans on Mars

Mysterious Hum

The next story is an ongoing worldwide phenomenon. Entire communities say they are being tormented by a strange, incessant, highly-disturbing humming sound. But this mystery is complicated because the hum is not always the same and not everyone hears it. While there are many conspiracy theories as to the sound’s origins, a forensic audiologist conducts further testing and proposes his verdict. 

Hybrid Bats

Finally, what would it look like to cross a human and a bat? Many people think that strange experiments overseas are already creating hybrids we have never seen before. In Buenos Aires, Argentina, local media reports strange sightings in April 2020 of bats that can swim and run on land. And in China, disturbing video footage showcases what appears to be an incredibly large, mutant bat running on the ground. Are these videos the result of genetic experimentation? A marine biologist and wildlife biologist analyze the footage and discuss whether such cross-breeding is possible.

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