Two new episodes of HISTORY Channel’s television series, The Proof is Out There: Deep Sea Sounds and Phantom Ships and Weeping Mary and the Montana Alien aired earlier this week. In case you missed our introduction to the series, HISTORY’s The Proof is Out There investigates some of the world’s most mysterious videos, photos, and audio recordings. Each episode employs leading experts and technology to analyze seemingly impossible phenomena “caught on film,” including apocalyptic sounds, enigmatic creatures, conspiracies, and more. Michael Primeau, Primeau Forensics’ leading forensic video expert, helps analyze these incredible recordings throughout the series’ first season. 

Episode 5 Recap: Deep Sea Sounds and Phantom Ships

Puerto Rico UFO

There have been countless UFO sightings in Puerto Rico over the years. Yet many experts consider this piece of footage the gold standard. What sets this one apart? Video footage captured by the crew of a United States and Border Patrol plane appears credible. And with the most likely earthly explanations eliminated, this may be proof of an alien encounter.

Mysteries of the Ocean

Less than 5% of our oceans have been explored, making the following audio clip a true mystery. A deep water hydrophone in the Pacific Ocean detects an unknown sound emanating from 5,000 miles away. Could this be another clue that the prehistoric Megaladon still exists? A marine biologist and soundscape ecologist examine the acoustic profile and weigh in.

The Proof is Out There: Deep Sea Sounds and Phantom Ships

Phantom Ships

Lake Superior is notorious for its treacherous waters, having wrecked over 500 ships since the 1800s. Then, in October 2018, witnesses spot what can only be described as a ghost ship floating off the coast of Marquette, Michigan. Is there a scientific explanation behind this phantom ship? 

The Loch Ness Legend

Located in the Scottish highlands, Loch Ness is an iconic lake best known for its namesake mystical monster. Sightings of the Loch Ness Monster date back hundreds of years, but two recent eyewitness accounts have us doubting whether this is truly a myth or if it’s reality.

The Proof is Out There: Deep Sea Sounds and Phantom Ships

After a marine biologist notes several irregularities and potential red flags, images are sent to Michael Primeau for forensic video analysis. By creating a smart report of the digital images provided, including the image to the left, Michael is able to determine their authenticity.

Episode 6 Recap: Weeping Mary and the Montana Alien

California UFO

In the past five years, millions of acres in California have been consumed by wildfires. The massive Woolsey fire in November 2018 destroyed much of northern Los Angeles County. And footage captured by news helicopters shows what appears to be a UFO floating out of the billowing smoke clouds. Using satellite images of the fire, a forensic video analyst maps out potential red flags. 

Weeping Mary

The Catholic Church is full of miraculous tales, yet this next account may be too incredible to believe. Parishioners attending mass at Our Lady of Guadalupe in Hobbs, New Mexico notice that a statue of Mother Mary appears to be crying actual tears. And video footage might prove this is a real supernatural event. A trained engineer and Catholic miracle researcher weigh theories as to whether this could simply be caused by a leaky pipe or condensation.

Montana Alien

In October 2018, a ranch in Deer Lodge, Montana captures a trespasser on one of its motion-controlled trail cameras. Perplexed by the figure, a ranch worker decides to conduct a photo experiment. The side by side comparison is unexplainable and concerning. 

The Proof is Out There: Weeping Mary and the Montana Alien

Michael Primeau sets out to answer the first and foremost question. Is the image that captured the mysterious trespasser doctored? Using image authentication software, Michael looks for inconsistencies and what he would expect to see from a fake. And second, an anthropologist inspects the figure to answer whether the silhouette could be inhuman. 

Mind Control App

Could there be a link between our minds and the material world around us? Does focusing on something long enough make it come true? When a family dog goes missing, two women download an app on their phones that claims to do just that. After concentrating on finding the dog, the app provides GPS coordinates near their home. Does this app truly fulfill users’ wishes?

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