On November 24, 2015, a police dash-cam video that captured the shooting of Laquan McDonald in Chicago, Illinois was released to the public. It had taken almost thirteen months to see the footage after the shooting took place. This is because Chicago Police Internal Affairs had to perform an Internal Investigation. This investigation was completed, most likely because the video was released to the public. There was public outcry regarding not only the death of McDonald, but also the video recording of his shooting. Some people do not understand the process and protocols police departments must have in order to maintain order internally as externally.

A second shooting by police officers of Ronald Johnson resulted in his death. This occurred in October of 2014 while he was fleeing into a Chicago public park. It is debated whether Johnson was armed or not. Video footage was released a year later after the public complained that the footage be made public.

In an interview on WGN Chicago, our lead audio and video forensic expert, Ed Primeau, explained the importance of video in both cases. He also discussed the low quality of video that has been presented to the public, as well as the role of a video forensic expert. View the YouTube video above to learn more and explore our YouTube channel by following this link

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