A brand new episode of HISTORY Channel’s television series, The Proof is Out There: Ancient Sounds and Moon Mounds is now available to stream on the platform’s website. In case you missed our introduction to the series, HISTORY’s The Proof is Out There investigates some of the world’s most mysterious videos, photos, and audio recordings. Each episode employs leading experts and technology to analyze seemingly impossible phenomena “caught on film,” including UFOs, apocalyptic sounds, enigmatic creatures, conspiracies, and more. Michael Primeau, Primeau Forensics’ leading forensic video expert, helps analyze these incredible recordings throughout the series’ first season. 

Ancient Sounds and Moon Mounds

Skunk Ape

A bigfoot with bad body odor? That is how the legendary Florida creature known as the skunk ape has been described. In July 2020, a strange footprint is found by a couple in Panama City Beach, Florida. It appears to have long, greasy claws and emits a foul smell. Is this proof that the skunk ape truly exists? Biologists study the footprint and lend their opinions. 

Ancient Egyptian Sounds

Archeologists and treasure-hunters have been digging in the Egyptian desert for over 100 years. But in the next video, one group found more than they were bargaining for during their search for lost pyramids. Working with an amateur satellite archeologist, they are directed to a specific set of coordinates that show a very large triangular mound. All of a sudden, video footage then captures a mysterious whisper. 

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Using spectrogram analysis, forensic video analyst Michael Primeau weighs in on whether the whisper is an authentic recording of an ancient Egyptian curse or simply a hoax.

Moon Mounds

The Proof is Out There: Ancient Sounds and Moon Mounds

NASA recently announced that found water on the sunlit side of the moon. But some believe that they’ve kept other discoveries secret. Ken Johnston, former NASA Director of Data and Photo Control Department at the Johnson Space Flight Center, says that astronauts came back with intriguing photos from one of the moon missions. Craters appear to show dome-shaped objects. 

But when Johnston brought the photos to his supervisor’s attention, he was told to get rid of them. So do these images suggest that another civilization landed on the moon hundreds of years ago? An astrophotographer examines the imagery. 

Extraterrestrial Flashes of Light

In March 2017, a woman notices a bright flash of blue light in her Houston, Texas home. What makes this occurrence unusual? Later that evening, she experiences difficulty sleeping and recalls strange dreams of pink and purple galaxies. Could the blue flash have been an extraterrestrial force? An astrophotography expert and forensic investigator run several tests to determine if natural causes are the answer. 

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