The second episode of HISTORY Channel’s newest television series, The Proof is Out There: Alien Orbs and Lightning Balls, aired earlier this week. In case you missed last week’s introduction to the series, HISTORY’s The Proof is Out There investigates some of the world’s most mysterious videos, photos, and audio recordings. Each episode employs leading experts and technology to analyze seemingly impossible phenomena “caught on film,” including UFOs, government conspiracies, and more. Michael Primeau, Primeau Forensics’ leading forensic video expert, helps analyze these incredible recordings throughout the series’ first season. 

Episode 2 Recap: Alien Orbs and Lightning Balls

Wisconsin Alien Orbs

The Proof is Out There: Alien Orbs and Lightning Bolts premiered Tuesday, January 12. In the second episode of the HISTORY series, Tony Harris first introduces viewers to an unidentified flying object captured by a drone over Plymouth, Wisconsin. Is this truly an alien encounter or could the object possibly be a secret military micro-drone? 

Detroit Video Expert

Michael Primeau, video forensic expert at Primeau Forensics, applied motion vector analysis to determine whether the video was a fake. “The motion blurring and the way that the object is traveling, the scale of the object, all looks consistent to me,” notes Primeau. “It looks like there was actually something there.” An aviation expert and forensic investigator also weigh in on the footage, which draws conflicting conclusions.

Apocalyptic Audio in North Carolina Backyard

Next, a piercingly loud noise is caught on video in a North Carolina backyard. An eyewitness couldn’t identify the sound’s source, but online viewers had plenty of theories, including apocalyptic signs, secret government experiments, and mechanical machinery. Using a spectrogram to analyze the ominous audio, a soundscape ecologist provides his thoughts on whether this video has a scientific explanation.

Planes Defying Gravity

Planes flying above Oklahoma City and Atlantic City seem to defy the laws of physics in the episode’s following video footage, appearing motionless in the sky. Michael Primeau uses software to determine whether the Atlantic City video footage is real or simply an elaborate visual effect. And a physicist concludes with his theory of the phenomena caught on film.

Michael Primeau uses forensic software on The Proof is Out There: Alien Orbs and Lightning Bolts

Balls of Lightning

Finally, extraordinary footage in Belarus and Russia captures a rare phenomenon known as ball lightning. Reported by eyewitnesses since the 1600s, ball lightning is best described as strange luminescent balls in the air. Some scientists argue this phenomenon doesn’t exist, but this video might prove otherwise. First, Michael Primeau breaks down the Belarus footage and its corresponding audio, lending his opinion as to whether this viral clip could be doctored. And second, an atmospheric scientist traces the weather at the time of the sighting to determine whether this is a natural weather event. 

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