When introducing a litigator to audio and video forensics, I like to use the analogy of car repair. You can have your car repaired by a backyard mechanic that charges $40/hour. It might take that backyard mechanic ten hours to fix the problem. On the other hand, you could take your car to the dealership, which charges $75/hour and have it repaired in two hours. The difference lies in the experience and credibility. The dealership’s experience and knowledge of that car saves repair time and helps the customer better understand the nature of the problem.


The same is true regarding a forensic expert. Forensic experts can save litigators time and money when it comes to understanding and explaining forensic evidence and investigations.

Primeau Forensics is a vehicle for you to get answers to the questions you have about your multimedia evidence that is being used in litigation. As an audio and video forensic expert, I often find that courts, lawyers, and litigators get confused as to the purpose and the validity of their forensic evidence. That is where we help. Today, there are dozens of CCTV digital video formats that contribute to evidence. That information needs to be simplified and better understood by courts and litigators.

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Audio and video are used more today in litigation than ever before. Knowing simple facts about your audio and video evidence from a forensic perspective is extremely important to you and the decision-makers. Primeau Forensics is here to help. We welcome any questions, comments or feedback. Contact us today.