Forensic Services For Claims Investigations

Primeau Forensics experts solve complex issues that can arise from audio/video recording technology, regardless of their location. Our objective is to educate our clients so they can resolve accidents, claims, and legal disputes economically and accurately.  





Audio, Video and Image Forensic Services

Our Forensic Services Practice Areas

Forensic Video Recovery


Digital video recordings originate from recorders of varying shapes and sizes. We can aid in the collection and recovery of video recordings that are accidentally overwritten, intentionally deleted, or damaged from fire and other catastrophic events. The types of devices we collect from include DVRs, cloud-based cameras, doorbell cameras, mobile phones, and higher-end VMS systems. 

Image/Video Enhancement

Video enhancement or clarification is a process which requires caution to ensure the accuracy of the information contained within the pixel areas. Our team has the tools and training to provide image enhancement investigations from video as well as still digital images.


Digital audio, video and images can be verified as camera originals, or manipulated using artificial intelligence. We analyze global/local aspects of the files to identify if the recording is accurate or was processed/altered.

Officer Involved Shootings

Audio/Video recorded by law enforcement is designed to protect the parties involved and to document the events with accuracy. When situations require lethal force, the analysis of body worn cameras are necessary to make determinations about the events that led up to the shooting. Our experts often test law enforcement equipment to offer opinions about how it was used in OIS investigations.

Video Speed Estimation

When a collision occurs on video, often times the speed of the vehicles is unknown. In some situations, the black box data was not acquired or available from the vehicles involved in the collision. We can help determine how fast the vehicles were traveling from collisions recorded on a video.

Rebuttal Expert Witness

Many claims can be backed by junk science. This is where our expertise as experts in the industry can debunk claims based on the most accurate, peer reviewable, and scientifically valid scientific methodology. Evaluation of the expert's bias is also a factor of a rebuttal investigation. 

Video File Repair

Video File Repair/Conversion

Often times, native video recordings do not play correctly. This includes incorrect playback rate or corruption to the file. We have the tools and training to reconstruct the video files to play correctly and convert in batch processing formats.

Photogrammetry and Measurements

Our experts can also obtain measurements from image/video evidence using photogrammetry methodology. This approach can estimate the distance vehicles traveled as well as how tall a subject is within an image.


Using 3D laser scanning technology, we can assist with recreations, obtaining 3D models of a crime scene, structures or vehicles for generation of demonstratives.

We take pride in our ability to teach our clients, and the court, to answer difficult questions, truthfully.