Voice identification, or speaker recognition, is the process that compare a known voice sample to an unknown voice sample. This comparison determines if the speakers are the same or if they are different. The voice identification investigation requires critical listening, frequency/waveform analysis, exemplar sample and voice bio-metric testing. These ensure that the investigation has an accurate outcome.

Audio forensic expert, Edward Primeau, has been practicing audio forensics for over 37 years. He has specific training in voice identification and speaker recognition and has extensive experience testifying in court. As an audio forensic expert, Edward has testified in many cases in the United States and worked on cases in India, Turkey and France.

The human voice has key characteristics that are determined by physical aspects of the vocal tract. Each person is different, these characteristics can create a set of data for each voice to be used in the comparison. Primeau Forensics utilizes numerous speech analysis software so that tests and data points can be checked for accuracy.

voice identification
speaker recognition

We understand the importance of objective forensic analysis. The voice identification investigations we perform are based on the acceptable best practices and procedures set forth by the scientific community. The methodology is based in science, and therefore is repeatable to ensure that the results are accurate and reproducible. We understand the weight that our conclusions may have in a litigation and therefore give the utmost attention to detail for every investigation.

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