Collect, analyze and recover information from cell phones, iPhones, Apple watches and many more. 

Some forensic firms will promise that they can recover every deleted text message and photo. This simply is not possible. We are grounded in reality and will tell you what is possible. Whether you are seeking a text message, web history, friends, social media accounts, call logs, files or anything else you can imagine, contact us. 



A qualified analyst creates a forensic image of the phone to ensure that no data is altered. This process has been vetted by all courts and is the same process used by law enforcement and the Department of Defense. Next, an analyst processes the forensic image using industry leading forensic tools and creates forensic reports. 


Do your certify your work?

Yes, we provide an extraction certification and upon request, provide either a declaration or affidavit. 


What are some common types of data that can be extracted from a mobile phone?

Personal information – Calendar, call log, contacts, notes, user dictionaries and user accounts

Messaging items – Chats, email, instant messages, MMS and SMS

Web browser items – Bookmarks, cookies and history

GPS information – Fixes, journeys and locations

Device information – Application usage, bluetooth pairings, cellular locations, SIM data and wireless networks

Email – Calendar, scheduled tasks and dictionaries 


What reports do I receive containing the phone data?

We provide reports with exactly what you request. For example, if your court order asks for only text messages between two dates, between two custodians containing only certain keywords, then that is exactly what you will receive. No matter what the format or filter, we will provide the data.


Can certain information be redacted?

Yes, we can auto redact or manually redact items such as attorney-client or attorney work-product, and provide a redaction report.

If you have a case that you question or need help understanding,
please contact us for a pro bono consultation.

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