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 If this video isn’t clarified by a qualified expert, information can be created and removed from the original evidence. Thus, the events can be missrepresented and inadmissible. 

With modern technology’s significance in everyday life, video often appears during litigation as evidence. This evidence is being considered more accurate than eyewitness testimony alone. 

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  • I contacted Ed Primeau after my dog was attacked and the dog owner refused to pay the veterinary bills because he said my dog attacked his dog first. I was able to get a video clip of the attack from a neighbor’s security camera three houses away but it was blurry and hard to see. Primeau Forensics was able to enhance the video, slow it down and provide me with screen shots of the incident, split seconds before the attack, and video loops that I could take to court. After seeing the enhanced video evidence the judge ruled in my favor! The judge ordered the defendant to pay all medical, legal and video enhancement costs. I would never have been able to win the case without the enhanced video work from the Pimeau Forensics group. Thank you to everyone at Primeau Forensics for all your professional hard work, attention to detail and for sincerely caring about the outcome of my case. You did an outstanding job and I truly appreciate it. A Special Thanks to Ed Primeau for making sure I had what I needed for court and for encouraging me along the way. This may seem like a small thing but it was important to me. Thank You! I will also be providing the video evidence to Animal Control Services so they can amend their report and take my dog off the Dangerous Dog list.

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Forensic Video Enhancement

Enhancing Videos Accurately

Forensic video enhancement is the scientific method applied by a qualified expert to clarify a recording while preserving integrity for courtroom use. The success of digital video enhancement services is directly dependent on the methods applied by the expert, as well as the original quality of the recording. The quality of a video is evaluated based on compression rate, spatial resolution, and FPS (frames per second). 

Video Types We Can Enhance

CCTV Surveillance

Dash Camera

Primeau Forensics Social Media Evidence

Social Media

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Law Enforcement Dash Camera

Doorbell Camera

Primeau Forensics Mobile Forensics

Mobile Phone

Advanced Forensic Video Analysis

In some cases, enhancement of a video recording is only the beginning. Advanced methodology may be required to make determinations about the recording for litigation use. Our forensic video analysis methodology can assist in answering these difficult questions.



Expert witness services are available for video clarification investigations by Primeau Forensics. Our expert witness services include a forensic report of the methodology applied, any opinions that can be made and testimony. These opinions can assist the trier of fact in making determinatinos about the original events, now clarified.

We have helped legal teams in courtrooms across the USA and can provide expertise to create a successful litigation plan. As a result, our trial experience makes us stand out from other companies.

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We take pride in our ability to teach our clients, and the court, to answer difficult questions, truthfully.