We Solve Cases using Video Forensics

Digital video recordings aren’t always accurate eyewitnesses. Video cameras use advanced compression algorithms to optimize storage, and document timing information, and may display colors and objects inaccurately. This is where forensic video analysis helps to solve cases. Our experts provide opinions to assist the trier of fact when making determinations from video evidence recordings. 

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Digital Image Forensics and Expert Witness Services

Our video analysis services have been successfully admitted in over 25 court cases in 10 states. Not to mention, they have also been used in several international cases. 

With modern technology’s significance in everyday life, video often appears during litigation as evidence. This evidence is being considered more accurate than eyewitness testimony alone. 

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Types of Video &
Systems We Analyze

Video evidence is recorded using various types of cameras and DVR systems. We have experience with many of them. We’ve handled an array of video types, including:

  • Paul Campbell

    I was facing up to 7 years in prison on a case that I had less than great legal representation on however because I had hired Primeau Forensics and they were able to provide the video and still photo evidence necessary to prove my innocence 13 months later after refusing any plea deals the State of Indiana dropped the charges against me..Thank You VERY MUCH Primeau Forensics !!!

  • Google User

    THE BEST IN MICHIGAN I was turned down by a slew of other companies in and around Michigan, however Primeau Forensics was more than willing to take up my challenging and complicated case. I recently hired Primeau Forensics to perform a Virtual and Social Media Analysis (e-mail and sms) The Forensic Team which consists of Ed, Micheal, Alex and Audrey, were professional and caring. Micheal’s expert testimony was immensely beneficial to my case with providing in-depth detail to its process and findings. Primeau Forensics was able to prove my innocence! I highly recommend using Primeau Forensics for your Audio, Video, Virtual and Social Media Analysis needs Primeau Forensics exceeded my expectations. They are definitely “The Best in Michigan”!

  • Janine Maycroft

    VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE IN THEIR AREA OF EXPERTISE. Edward was able to do what 99% of others couldn’t do and because of this, I am able to prove my case with not only confidence but evidence too!! Thank you Edward!

  • Outstanding attention to detail and customer service. Ed Primeau is a professional who produces actionable results.



Frame Timing Analysis

Our experts can interpret the metadata within a video file to make determinations about the timing of the events as they occurred naturally.

Video Authentication

Our video authentication services are an in-depth approach to determining the digital integrity of a video recording. We use tools that determine if a video recording has been processed, mishandled or tampered with.

DVR Recovery

In the absence of recorded video images, video can be misused as a weapon. We investigate digital video recording systems to determine why video may have not been recorded as well as recover video evidence.

Site Inspections

We provide site inspections to determine equipment functionality, extract sample recordings when a video evidence recording is questioned.

Expert Witness Testimony

Our experts combined have testified in dozens of cases throughout the country as well as internationally, including Federal court. We are trained in providing deposition and courtroom expert witness testimony.

Human Eye vs Camera Analysis

Cameras don't always capture and encode the events as they occurred in real life. Often times a comparison of the differences between the human eye and a video camera will assist in making determinations for court.

Estimate Speed from Video

Our experts apply an advanced analysis by using Photogrammetry and Reverse Projection to provide accurate distance and timing measurements for vehicle speed estimation.

Macroblock Analysis

The pixel information contained within a video recording may not have been created with accuracy. Advanced Macroblock analysis will reveal vidio compresion artifacts and more.

Rebuttal Expert Witness

In many civil cases, our experts are retained to review opposing expert reports and determine the accuracy of their opinions. This is due to an increase in subjective opinions provided by experts.

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After 35+ years in business testifying as a forensic video analysis expert, Edward Primeau, our lead forensics expert, has worked with and learned from some of the greatest trial lawyers in the world. This experience has strengthened Primeau Forensics’ expert witness performance in the court room. We apply peer reviewed methodology in order to authenticate video evidence with accuracy. We have testified in local, state and federal courts all over the United States and have extensive experience helping legal teams develop a solid trial strategy. Click HERE to read what some of them have said.