30+ Years of Experience in Audio, Video and Image Forensic Analysis

Our experts have processed over 5,000 audio, video and image forensics investigations and provided expert testimony in over 500 cases in local, state, and federal courts. Our experienced audio video forensic lab can help you decipher the content into meaningful data by providing expert reports that are both easy to understand and court friendly. 


As audio, video and image recordings are being used as evidence in court, the information that accompanies that evidence must be interpreted with forensic analysis. This is done to ensure an accurate interpretation of that evidence for the Trier of Fact. Our audio and video forensics lab offers audio forensic services, video forensic services  to assist our clients with their litigation. Because audio forensics, video forensics and image forensics differ greatly, we have experts that specialize in one or the other. 

VIDEO Enhancement

Video or image enhancement uses non-destructive techniques to better see events as they occurred...

AUDIO Enhancement

The audio enhancement processes will increase the "desired sounds" and overall voice quality...

Image Comparison

Compare two images to determine if the objects, people or vehicles are in fact the same or are different...

Forensic Video Analysis

Determine if your video recording used as evidence is authentic or manipulated and generate opinions…

AUDIO Authentication

Determine if your audio recording used as evidence is authentic or manipulated and generate opinions...

Digital Image Authentication

Determine if your digital images used as evidence are authentic or manipulated and generate opinions...

Forensic Audio Transcription

Identify speakers, spoken words and transcribe with forensic accuracy...


Recovery of text message, web history, images, social media accounts, call logs or other files on mobile devices...

Cellular & GPS Analysis

It is common that prosecutors use call detail records in attempting to provide a historical look into the movements of a cell phone...



At Primeau Forensics we believe that Expert Witness testimony begins with an in-depth forensic investigation.
It is our opinion that every forensic investigation should be processed as if it were going to trial. Our team of experts provides testimony when the investigation has a rock-solid scientific foundation. For the expert witness testimony to be successful, our experts MUST remain unbiased throughout the investigation, as well as in the courtroom.

We can recover your lost data!

Accidentally deleted files as well as intentional deletion are both data loss situations. Hard drives and other storage devices may be physically damaged in which case evidence files need to be carefully recovered. The objective of restoring deleted files is to recover evidence that may be important to assisting the trier of fact. 

Primeau Forensics

Our Clients

  • State of New York Attorney General
  • U.S. State Attorney’s Office (Detroit)
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • U.S. Department of Justice
  • U.S. Department of Defense
  • Detroit Airport Authority
  • Judicial Tenure Commission
  • and many many more.


Why do we exist?


Through investigations by helping answer difficult questions using audio forensics, video forensics and image forensics.


Primeau Forensics’ analysts and experts perform assignments from a strategic and unbiased perspective.

Relevance of Your Evidence

Our team helps our clients to understand their sometimes complicated digital evidence used in their case.

Client Reviews

Mr. Primeau and his team are incredible-and incredibly skilled. I am just a regular person who had a 30 year old VHS tape of her children and family members that was apparently ruined when I used a machine to transfer it to DVD. Devastated at the loss but unwilling to completely give up, I found Mr. Primeau's website and sent him an email. Though his inbox must be inundated with emails from important law enforcement and media people who need his forensic help, Mr. Primeau treated my problem as though it were of the utmost importance. He responded to my inquiry within hours with a thoughtful and informative email and a plan for where I could mail the tape and how he would approach the problem. Hours after Mr. Primeau received the damaged tape, he called to give me the glorious news that he would be able to salvage nearly all of it!! He communicated with me often along the way as he made me DVDs and a thumb drive. Then, Alex worked with me to get the new DVD here in time to show it to my adult children who were visiting. Mr. Primeau showed me great kindness and respect. He was able to save all but a few seconds of footage and the DVDs are of much better quality than the original tape. I will forever be grateful to him for using his amazing skills to give me back my memories!!!read more
Liza Moorman
20:27 02 Sep 19
Outstanding attention to detail and customer service. Ed Primeau is a professional who produces actionable results.
Isaac Van Patten
15:35 22 Oct 19
The whole team is very professional and really experts in forensics, dealing with the case in deep detail, exploring all scenarios and providing constant and clear information about the process. Highly more
Edson Barbieri
21:30 29 Jul 19
Ed is easy to work with and remains accessible even when his schedule is tight. His staff is knowledgeable, professional and courteous. Great customer service. Highly recommend!read more
A. M. Drake
22:57 02 Apr 19
As a business owner myself, I am aware of the effort it takes to assemble a team of employees that conduct their business as if it were their own, and take pride in how they represent your company to others. As an owner who feels has achieved that status myself, I immediately recognize it in others. I must say that this is not common in the workforce today. From the first contact with your company, through closeout, every one of your employees made this experience a pleasure and acted with the upmost more
Abc Def
20:32 03 Dec 18

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