Video footage from closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras or other recording devices often plays a significant role in litigation. Sometimes, attorneys need footage for evidence, but the files have been lost or damaged. At Primeau Forensics, we offer CCTV camera data recovery services to get the validation you need for presenting in court.

What Is CCTV Digital Video Recorder (DVR) Data Recovery?

CCTV DVR data recovery involves restoring footage once it’s been damaged or deleted. The process starts with a trained expert accessing data from a DVR. The expert has to recover the lost data and secure it, so they can use forensic procedures to create copies.


The forensic scientific community decides on the best practices for data recovery and copying. These standards have worldwide recognition as the most secure and lawful approaches to DVR data recovery. At Primeau Forensics, we follow these best practices with accuracy to provide reliable recovery services. 

CCTV DVR Recovery Process

Our CCTV Evidence Recovery Services

You may need to recover CCTV footage for any range of reasons. We can offer our services in many situations, including:

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Go to an Expert for Data Recovery

It's critical for an expert to handle data recovery. If you don't manage the process correctly, you could permanently destroy the data and lose access to valuable evidence.

Regardless of how the data was lost — accidental or purposeful deletion, physical damage or hard drive failure — the recovery process is delicate. Rely on forensic experts to handle this sensitive procedure, so you can retain your evidence.

Recovery Methods

Often, someone deletes DVR data from a recording space with harmful intent, but this isn’t always the case. It is possible that the DVR data was damaged by accident. Such accidents include natural aging, fire or water damage. Below are two methods that we use to recover data.

cctv dvr recovery

On-Site Recovery

Our video technicians have extensive training from certified legal agencies. These groups support the scientific best practices for data recovery and teach our technicians to manage the process without damaging the digital integrity.

We use this comprehensive training to provide on-site recovery services. Recording and storage setups can be vast and difficult to transport. We offer on-site services so you can avoid shipping difficulties and retain the integrity of the system. These services are also incredibly valuable in cases of fire or severe damage.

dvr hard drive recovery

Hard Disc and Lab Recovery

Once received, we initiate a scanning procedure of the DVR's internal hard drive. The CCTV DVR recovery scanning process will help us find any recoverable fragments from the video data.

Our CCTV camera data recovery experts use the latest forensic practices to document the scanning procedure and authenticate the footage. These tools also capture a video's date and time. Continue reading to learn more about the forensic software used in the recovery process.


We can retrieve data from various hard drives, including MDVR, CCTV DVR and NVR. We have experience with a range of manufacturers, such as Zmodo, Samsung, Q-SEE®, Swann and Hikvision. Plus, we can access this data without administrative passwords.


Our experts can scan various file types, such as file allocation table (FAT) and journaled file system (JFS), and examine hard disk connection types, including parallel advanced technology attachment (PATA) and serial advanced technology attachment (SATA). With these resources, we can recover lost video from a wide range of sources.


When we work with clients, we begin with an initial scan and communicate our findings. During this first step, we gain an understanding of the project, so we can determine the size, accessibility, recovery needs and, ultimately, the cost of our services.


We typically work with mobile and fixed DVR-based surveillance, and these systems run on computer setups and store video to proprietary formats. When we rebuild this information for acquiring evidence, we need special tools.


For this reason, we often access databases for recovery software managed by law enforcement agencies. Not only are these databases based on proprietary DVR systems, but they also update daily. This gives us access to the best recovery tools possible.  

DVR Recovery in Court

Litigators must grasp the value of proper CCTV DVR recovery techniques for their video evidence. Above all, recovery should include the help of a trained expert. Trained expertise is critical for:


  • On-site recovery. Experts will document the recovery process to retain an authentic chain of custody.
  • Precautionary practices. Everything our experts do is to protect the integrity of the footage.
  • Maintaining quality. Our recovery practices maintain the quality of the footage to the best of our abilities. Lawsuits involve large price tags and human lives, and we want to ensure the video presents the best accuracy possible.
CCTV DVR Data Recovery

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