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Every investigation we are apart of begins with identification. Identification is the most important step throughout the entire course of the investigation. Our experts determine what parts of your digital media evidence need most attention, and determine what tools will be needed to yield the best success. Some cases need more direction than others. Our experts won’t hesitate to take the lead role in analyzing your digital media evidence.
Clarification and enhancement of any media evidence during an investigation provides the clearest representation of the events as they occurred. Clarifying digital audio evidence could require removing unwanted background noises to increase vocal audibility. Enhancing video evidence could require scaling a video resolution up to better view objects from a distance.
Testifying as an expert witness with audio and video evidence is the most important activity to an audio forensic expert. When testifying we review your case, meet in advance with the legal team – including both the attorneys and clients – to strategize how we anticipate the trial process. It is crucial to keep testimony clear and simple so that the facts are easily understood.