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Every investigation we are apart of begins with identification. Our experts determine which tools and procedures to use for your digital media investigation. Every investigations is different, and requires a unique step by step process, which is chosen in this step. Our experts won’t hesitate to help you identify the important components to your investigation.



In audio forensics we often find that audio recordings can be created in less than desirable conditions. Background noise and other extraneous environmental sounds make it difficult to hear the wanted or desired sounds in the recording. When we forensically clarify audio recordings, we use several processes that remove the unwanted sound and increase the wanted sound. In video forensics, when we clarify video we are enhancing the video by zooming in to better identify, or see, a series of events that occurred but were not captured on video as much as desired. In addition to zooming in, we also sharpen and color enhance for better forensic identification.


Expert witness testimony is the most valuable activity an Audio and Video forensic expert can bring to the court room. When testifying we review your case, meet in advance with the legal team – including both the attorneys and clients – to strategize how we anticipate the trial process. It is crucial to keep testimony clear and simple so that the facts are easily understood.